Tip Nr 1 for women traveling in India – don’t think you’re a celebrity here!

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Every time you’ll be walking around, especially in touristic places, many people will come and ask if they can take a picture with you. Most of them are going to be men. While other women feel like Hollywood actresses and their husbands are shooting them together with Indian men who are standing in the row to get the picture, be smarter than they are! Men usually edit the picture by adding nasty things, put in their social networks and tell that you are  their girlfriend or you were in his bed recently…

Be cautious and look around you. Men will pretend to take selfies and they will capture you in the background. I usually turn my back or do silly faces. So I’m a photo bomb in many selfies.

When you pose for your camera, men will take pictures with their cameras as well. Here you have to be tough and tell them not to do that.

But what to do with women and kids? I think it’s up to you and depends on the situation. We were recently asked to take a photo together with a family from Burma where a guy was shooting and women were posing. They told that they will show this picture to everyone back home. I’m doing the same – here’s the picture!


Another couple asked for a photo and the wife posed with us.


I personally don’t do photos together with kids. Now I start rejecting most of the women as well. I find it disturbing because these situations happen too often.

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  • nj says:

    Not the best of experiences I agree. Apologies on behalf of the people who did wrong – especially since we consider India our motherland – a female. Evertone from the PM of India to the average man is working towards raising awareness on respecting women. Moreover all across the country a guest, irrespective of race, religion or gender is treated like god (Atithi Devo Bhava we say)

    However, your writeup pretty much generalizes the experience. It stirred me to an extent that it gave me a feeling of turin off my camera or even leaving it at home for my next trip. I am sure you will agree there is a good and a bad to everything in this world. Do take basic precautions like you would or even I would do in any other country in the world and we should be fine.
    Do jott down a few positive experiences. Its not a bad place for sure. You can walk safely at 2 am on the streets of Mumbai for example – do visit someday !

    Have a happy stay in India.


    • Linda says:

      Thank you for your oppinion! I really had to get used to all the attention at first, however I definitely don’t think in a negative way. I try to be cautious but at the same time I enjoy everything what is happening around! It’s wonderful! Sometimes the behaviour and attention from men here is really disturbing but that doesn’t affect my impression about India in general.

  • Maya says:

    So true! I found this out the hard way and even then saying no didn’t help. I still had people taking my picture without my permission and my guide kept having to scare people away after they would try to catch me when I wasn’t looking. So sad that this is the case. I was heart broken when my guide said that many men use them inappropriately. Glad you’re warning others.

    • Linda says:

      I remember reading your blog post about your trip to India and it actually helped me to be more cautious as you also mentioned the same problem. I’m learning to be very strict and even rude sometimes to show the attitude.