Where to stay in Fort Myers – Gullwing Beach resort review in Fort Myers Beach, Florida

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L1130159-1Do you plan to roam around Florida and Fort Myers Beach is in your list? Then I’m happy to reveal where to chase the sunsets that will take your breath away, have long walks along the beach, create an active and enjoyable morning routine and feel that you’ve found home away from home. 

Recently I returned from Gullwing Beach Resort, located in Fort Myers Beach. I celebrated my birthday there and spent few wonderful, sunny days.

The check-in went smoothly and once I opened the door of my 3-bedroom suite, my heart started racing from the excitement. I had a huge suit all by myself, with everything a person needs for comfortable living.

The suite has a very spacious living area, big kitchen, a bar and dining area. The kitchen is fully equipped and therefore will satisfy anyone who will feel inspired to prepare the meal.


There are 2 guest rooms where you can accommodate up to 4 people. There’s one bathroom near both rooms with the shower, toiletries and towels. They use Korres toiletries – Greek brand that has the most amazing products for your body, their products smell like heaven!


The Master bedroom has a huge window with the view on the beach, it’s like a window to Paradise. There’s a big bathroom close to the Master bedroom, with shower, bathtub and 2 sinks. 

The suite has a washing machine and dryer.

There are several closets around the suit, the suite was so big that I got confused and constantly went into the closet instead of toilet πŸ˜€ 

I saved the best part for the end. I suggest you to take the suite facing the beachfront because the view you’re going to have from the terrace will blow your mind in any time of the day! I’m a fan of terraces and views therefore I’ve experienced a lot of terraces in my life and I can assure you – this one is my favorite! I cooked at home only because I didn’t want to leave my terrace as nothing could beat that view. 

My time spent on the terrace touched my soul and I wish you all could experience that. Imagine – sitting on a huge terrace with a view to the beach, the warm air touches your skin, you play your favorite lounge music in the background and every part of your body is present in the moment because you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! These moments are worth living!

Gullwing Beach Resort offers complimentary bikes for their guests. I started all my mornings with a ride along the beach, it gave me the energy for the rest of the day. You can use the bike to move around and go to the restaurants or explore the area. If you don’t feel like riding a bike but still want to stay active while on holidays, you can use the gym located in the resort.


There’s a great pool where you can hang out and get some snacks if you feel a little hungry.


Next to the pool is a seating area with grills so you can cook your steak and even make a bbq party! 

The exit to the beach is also near the pool area and seating area. The beach is wonderful! While I really enjoyed the sunsets from my terrace, I went to watch the sunset also at the beach. 

The suite I stayed in, the terrace I had and the view I saw every day made my stay in Gullwing Beach Resort one of the best experiences I’ve had. Most importantly – I felt like I’m home and didn’t want to leave. It was a wonderful place to celebrate my birthday and relax in a tranquil atmosphere. I’m sure I’ll be back.

This is a sponsored post however all my opinions remain my own.

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  • kristal says:

    I live in Florida and I have yet to see a beach sunset. This place looks so beautiful and I need to get out to the beach.

  • What a lovely sunset. It looks so nice and warm. Love the pictures.

  • Kelly says:

    What a lovely spot for a little staycation! We love Fort Myers beach and try to visit different Florida beaches during the year since it’s only a 4 hour drive away from us!

  • Ithfifi says:

    Wow it looks gorgeous, I am loving those sunset pictures but it all looks really great! I also love that you had beach view rooms. Funny that you were ending up in the closet instead of the toilet though! America is so high on my destinations to visit!

  • Cia Black says:

    They really captured the beach vibe with the bright accent walls of blue a golden yellow. I love that the resort gave you the feeling of being at home and not on vacation because then you know they put a lot of thought into building and customer satisfactions.

  • Liz says:

    The view from the terrace looks great! And that sunset was amazing!

  • Joanna says:

    The terrace of this beach resort is absolutely stunning. I would stay there every evening, with a glass of white wine, watching the sun go down over the ocean.

  • Katie says:

    You found a fabulous vacation spot! I love traveling with my kiddos, building family memories, and finding some new spots to relax.

  • Chei says:

    Looks a great vacation and lovely pictures of sunsets. They are amazing beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  • pj says:

    I used to live in Florida, your photos brought back great memories. I miss walking along the beach at sunset and listening to the surf. Looks like you had a blast.

  • Luci says:

    That looks really nice. Your pictures of the sunset is so beautiful and the view of the beach makes me want to go there.

  • Elizabeth O says:

    Ohh!! looks like a great and beautiful staycation in Fort Myers beach resort. I really like the view to sunset, It looks so stunning.

  • Courtney Maslinski says:

    My family and I have been vacationing at Gull Wing Resort for over 10 years and there is only one word to describe it… HEAVEN❀️

    • Linda says:

      Courtney, that’s wonderful! I had the best time there and this place is really worth returning again and again!

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