How I ended up drinking beer with rickshaw guys in Old Delhi, Chandni Chowk

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Two things that keep my life going – curiosity and adventurous spirit. Therefore, I often end up in many odd situations and places. Here’s one of those stories from the period while I lived in Delhi. 

A week or two had passed since I was in Delhi,  about the time when I started to finally settle down. So I thought that it was the right moment to start exploring the touristic places. Market in Old Delhi was on my list, also called Chandni Chowk. My local friend told that it was fine to take a rickshaw and let him drive me around the market because the market is huge. He told me to pay not more than 40 rupees for that, better 30. Once I reached the entrance of the market I was surrounded by all the rickshaw guys, trying to get a client. At first they asked for 100 rupees, I told them no way, it’s 30 and that’s it. They were so perky that I started to walk away deeper into the market. Finally I got the deal. It was late afternoon and it got dark very soon. We were driving around the market and then the guy pulled his rickshaw in a very narrow side street, away from everything. I could have told to turn back, but my curiosity took the lead. He brought me to a very, very old church, you couldn’t even tell that it was a church from the outside. Near the entrance we met his colleague who also brought a girl to show the church. That’s how I met Morgan from France – a wonderful, but slightly crazy, young woman – also a solo traveler. 


The street where the church is located

After the amazing excursion around the church we exchanged the numbers with French girl and said goodbye. 

My rickshaw guy took me to the place where all the spices were. He parked his vehicle and told that we were going to walk. We walked in the labyrinth of narrow streets that leaded further away from all the tourists. The only thing I felt more and more was my nose – it was itching and I sneezed million times… Guess why – tons of chilies were around. It got only worse, I couldn’t take my breath.

I was chilisneezing as crazy along with all the vendors and workers. While the sneezing crowd and almost unbearable breathing seemed funny, it was a torture at the same time. 

We went to the rooftop, overlooking the Chandni Chowk – gorgeous view! In less than 5 minutes French girl and her rickshaw guy showed up. While chatting with Morgan, it turned out that she came here not for the first time as she enjoys the view. I don’t know how and when, but suddenly all the rickshaw team was on that rooftop – around 5 guys I guess. It was getting late, so I thought that it was time to go home, when Morgan shouted – let’s have a beer!!! And there my adventurous spirit joined the game!

Sitting on the floor, with a glass of beer in my hand, I thought that life couldn’t get weirder than that as I looked at one of the guys, showing the magic trick by pulling his hair back along with his scalp so it looked like he pulled his hair off from his head… 

“Do you have a boyfriend?” sounded from a guy with hamster’s cheeks.

“What??? Oh, yes – I have a fiancee.” 

Damn, I forgot to wear my fake engagement ring!!!!

“Really? Show him!” 

Damn again, no photos of my ex, nobody I was so crazy about to keep his photos on my phone!!!


So, dear girls, if you plan to travel to India solo, buy a fake ring and never take it off to avoid these uncomfortable situations. And obviously – don’t hang out with crazy Indian guys, I was fine and the worse thing I had to handle were stupid jokes. However, be wise!

What is one of your craziest experiences during your travels? I’d love to hear!

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