Fort Augustus near Loch Ness, Scotland

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Fort Augustus is a small and picturesque village that is located in the southern tip of Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. The village is extremely popular among tourists because we all have heard the legends of the Loch Ness monster Nessie. Fort Augustus is the place where to come and look for Nessie! 

Fort Augustus is located right in between Inverness and Fort William. It’s one hour drive to get here from both cities.

Cruise Loch Ness

Nessie hides somewhere deep in the dark waters and the best way to look for her is to go on a cruise around Loch Ness. You will experience spectacular views of the mountains and wildlife, you might notice deer or a wild goat. Have your camera ready because the right shots can appear any moment. And you don’t want to miss Nessie….

The team you’ll meet on board are the best, they’ve been doing this for many, many years and have a true passion about Loch Ness and nature. The guide has been doing these tours since 80’s and he told me that the silliest question to ask him is – aren’t you fed up with doing this for so long – the same scenery every day! He told me that Loch Ness and the nature around NEVER looks the same. Every time he does the cruise, he sees a different scenery, because it’s changing every time.


What to do in Fort Augustus?

You can visit Clansman centre in between March and October. It’s a fantastic opportunity to step into 17th century. The highlight of the centre is a clansman, all dressed up in traditional clothes, he explains how people ate, lived and survived back in 17th century. You will get to know about the clan system, local culture and what’s most exciting is that you will hear all the secrets and mysteries about Highland dress.

A beautiful walk is along Caledonian Canal. It stretches 60 miles along the Great Glen from Fort William to Inverness. You can admire the beauty of nature along the way. 

There are many options for walking around Fort Augustus that will suit anyone’s preferences. You can have a walk in the forest or along the river, go for an easy hike with a clear path or choose a more difficult hike, you can see Fort Augustus from the top. There are plenty options, so don’t forget your hiking shoes!

It’s not a secret that Scotland is perfect for mountain biking and cycling. You can rent a bike or take yours and stay active. Besides, cycling is way better than driving, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle while helping the environment. 

Where to eat and drink?

After doing the activities outdoors and having so much fresh air, you’ll probably be starving! There are a lot of pubs around the main road. My personal suggestion would be to book a table at The Lovat Loch Ness hotel, it’s the only place in the village with a restaurant and the chef is really good. (In case you come here in 2018, ask for me and say hello – this is the place where I spend most of my days). If you want to have a pub experience, Loch Inn has a good kitchen. The third suggestion might be The Boathouse, mainly because of the view, it’s right next to Loch Ness. 

When it comes to drinks, there are 2 options, both radically opposite. The choice depends on your preference. The fancy bar with absolutely perfect cocktails and big selection of drinks is in The Lovat Loch Ness hotel. The same place I mentioned for food earlier. If you want to have a different experience, go to Richmond’s house. It’s the local pub where all the locals from the village gather together to drink beer. Richmond’s is always busy and you can easily find yourself in a conversation with local people, so it’s a perfect way to experience the village life as it is.

Fort Augustus bar

Waypoint Bar – The Lovat, Loch Ness

Where to stay?

The Lovat Loch Ness hotel is the only hotel in the village. It’s a 4* boutique hotel and has a charming interior. I can assure you that the customer service is excellent here. By the way, I’m writing their blog, you can have a look here.

The Lovat, Loch Ness hotel

The Lovat, Loch Ness hotel

Otherwise, there are plenty of Bed & Breakfast options around Fort Augustus.

Have you visited Scottish Highlands? Have you been to Fort Augustus? I hope you’ll decide to visit, if so, let me know. I’ll be happy to help with more suggestions and maybe we could even meet up for a coffee if I’m still here.

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