Foodie in Disney World – where to satisfy your sophisticated taste | restaurants and dining experience

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Are you visiting the Disney World in Orlando, Florida and you’re a true foodie? Finding a good quality food in Disney World sometimes can be challenging. I explored the restaurants around Disney World and will tell you about my dining experiences.

California Grill Restaurant is located in Contemporary Resort’s top floor in Disney world. I wanted to experience their special offer so I booked the intimate dining experience called Sip Savor and Sparkle. It’s a private event, held in 2 private rooms.

You have to check in on Contemporary Resort’s 2nd floor and then head to the elevator where staff members will lead you up to the 15th floor to the restaurant.

One room had an open bar, you’ll be offered any kind of drinks you want. In the other room there were trolleys with food and you could eat as much as you like. They had the selection of different kind of sushi, lobster cakes (those were my all time favorite lobster cakes, I am drooling now while writing this review), flat breads with different toppings and other light bites. The dinner started before the fireworks and the staff informed when the fireworks will start. People who were part of Sip Savor and Sparkle had the access to a private deck where they could watch the fireworks over the Magic Kingdom. I felt like I was in a really special place and was celebrating. After the fireworks there were another trolley full with desserts and cakes.

This restaurant had the most delicious food from all the restaurants I went. Really good for those who love sushi, seafood and sweets.

The booking has to be made in advance and this event costs 99$ plus gratuity and tax per person.


Cítricos restaurant is located in Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. This was the fanciest restaurant from all, located in the hotel that looks very posh. Perfect place if you’re in mood to dress up or have a special occasion to celebrate. I informed the restaurant that I’m going to celebrate my birthday there and I got the Disney’s pin with my name, Happy Birthday words and Mickey Mouse. Really cute! 

Once you enter the hotel, you’ll have to walk around a bit till you find the restaurant but it’s worth wandering around the hotel because it made me feel like I’m in palace. I noticed that they offer a tea party for little ladies and I was so ready to attend it!

We were greeted by a very chatty and friendly waitress from Canada. She was very helpful with the menu. I started with Citricos Crab salad, chose Oak-grilled Yellowfin tuna (medium rare) as my main course and Tropical Fruit Creme Brule as a dessert. I had a Cosmopolitan cocktail and it was very good! The food was beautifully served and was delicious. I would say this place won my sympathies with the atmosphere, posh interior and the way food is served on the plate. The quality of food is good but it’s not spectacular. But don’t let it turn you off from choosing the Cítricos restaurant, it’s very good to have beautiful experience!


Coral Reef Restaurant is located in Epcot. This is a seafood restaurant, the interior is casual and one of the walls in the restaurant is created as a big aquarium.  More than 4000 sea creatures call this aquarium home. The dress code here is casual.

We were greeted by a waitress from China, her name was Xia. They were informed that it’s my birthday trip here so she congratulated me and told that she also had a birthday recently. I asked her when and by a big surprise it turned out that we have our birthdays in the same day! She immediately won my sympathies!

I started with Crab Cake and had Seared Mahi Mahi as a main course. They have amazing cocktail list and they are really delicious! You definitely have to try their cocktails. I had several Coral ‘Ritas (A Margarita with Patrón Añejo Tequila and Cointreau). It was my friend who made the booking for this restaurant and it turned out she organized the surprise for my birthday. When I was ready to ask for the dessert menu, the waitress arrived with a cake in a shape of Mickey Mouse’s head! 

After a while Xia came over and asked how was the cake. I replied that it was very creamy and got an immediate, uncontrolled reaction: “I love creamy!” I was absolutely sure I have to share my cake with her, it was her birthday too! So I cut a big peace of my cake, sang her happy birthday song, told her to make a wish and blow a candle! She was so happy, she told that she didn’t have a cake for her birthday. She made my day and I probably made hers.


How important is it for you to have a good quality dining experience? Do you have other good restaurants to suggest for foodies who plan to visit Disney World?

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  • Nice! Disney is Definately taliored toward adults moreso than kiddos.

  • Shubhada Bhide says:

    I really like to try coral reef restaurant seeing 400 sea creatures while eating is so awesome. I will look into this.

    • axel says:

      well you also can look at those fish and more for free(i mean you already paid ticket) on the aquarium on the same Epcot park

  • Elizabeth O says:

    Stunning restaurant. What I really like is that coral reef restaurant it looks interesting. I will definitely check this out.

  • I’m yet to visit Disneyworld 🙁 Looks like there is a great selection of food though. Hopefully I’ll get there one day!

    Lucy x

  • Katie says:

    These look yummy! I also love how each Disney restaurant has a creative angle. I hear you have to make reservations far in advance though?

  • Tanvi says:

    That looks quite interesting and yummy food too. I like that Disney is diversifying in adult interests too.


  • Deb B. says:

    I’ve never been to Disneyworld with the family and I cannot wait! I’m so glad you did this post and I will definitely bookmark it to refer to when we do go! The food (and the view) is absolutely remarkable. Good quality dining is very important to us because we love food as much as the experience.

  • Tiffany Yong says:

    I’ve never been to Disney World in Florida, and it’s a place I will want to go. I thought the restaurants will have more of the Mickey or Disney icons on their food though. Glad you’ve enjoyed your meals~

  • Cia Black says:

    I had no idea, when I think disney world, I think fast quick food meant for families on the go. Who knew they had such exquisite restaurants and such elegant food hidden write under my nose.

  • Finding quality food around disney is so tough since it’s such a tourist hub! As a foodie I always try to look up places ahead of time so that I am not disappointed in the food that are sometimes overpriced in the area. I will definitely refer to this post next time I am heading to the area!

  • Nicole F says:

    That coral reef restaurant seems really cool! All of the food looks yummy!

  • Afroz says:

    That looks like a fine dinner restaurant. Never been for Florida Disneyland but i did visit Disneyland Paris and they have good collection of restaurants I really enjoyed the meal at Aladdin inspired restaurant.
    The food pics are awesome.

  • MinhNguyen says:

    Great. I want to enjoy the dishes under the soft music. I will consider it because it will certainly be very expensive.

  • Oyinkan says:

    Everyone has been to Disney & I’m still hoping I can one day. I’m glad everyone loves it.

  • Thena says:

    i’ve never been, but I’ve heard that the food is absolutely amazing. I would have to eat just everywhere, all the time!

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