Celebrating Diwali!

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l1090685-1This is an amazing time in India, it’s Diwali time! People were preparing for the celebration and spent at least ten days to get ready. Jaipur became the city of lights and people were busy selling and buying festive attributes.

Diwali is a Hindu festival with lights everywhere. It is celebrated in honor of goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity and marks the beginning of the financial year in India. So all our Hindu friends were wishing us happy Diwali and happy New Year.

On October 30 we also decided to celebrate  Diwali! We had an Irish girl Ciara staying at our house through the Couchsurfing. We were a great company of four girls. We decided to take a cab and go up to the Nahargarh fort, have a beer there, look at the city from the top and enjoy fireworks. It was a very long journey to the fort because of the taxi driver who got lost and couldn’t find the fort. Luckily we got there and the long drive was so worth it!!! We opened the beer and looked at our city. With beer in our hands we kept staring at the view and felt so happy that we live in such a gorgeous city – Jaipur is amazing and truly beautiful!

We were in a really good mood so idea about going to the hotel’s rooftop and continue watching fireworks was a perfect idea. Besides, we had more friends staying there. The way back was very long but we knew how to make it fun! Driving through the city full of lights, with fireworks all around us, we really felt the festive atmosphere. We put different songs and sang along, it was so much fun! Taxi driver enjoyed it as well by not holding the wheel and clapping while we sang!

H otel’s rooftop was great as we could see fireworks everywhere! We wanted more beer but it wasn’t on the menu. But it almost never means that hotels don’t have it. There was a phone on one of the tables and I just had to press the magic number “9” to call for the beer. We spent hours chatting and enjoying the city from the top. More friends came and we had our own firework to make Diwali complete!

It was impossible to sleep that night. The sound from fireworks kept going till 4am and it was so loud! Jaipur has 3,5 million population and I think all those millions were doing a firework!

I’m glad I could participate and experience Diwali time in India, they really know how to celebrate and I got so much positive emotions!

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