Taj Mahal – one of the World’s wonders

We all know about the Taj Mahal – one of the World’s 7 wonders and that it is designed as a UNESCO World Heritage. I had a vision of how … Continue Reading →

How I ended up drinking beer with rickshaw guys in Old Delhi, Chandni Chowk

              Two things that keep my life going – curiosity and adventurous spirit. Therefore, I often end up in many odd situations and places. … Continue Reading →

5* hotel vs real Indian life in a village

It was one of those many days at the gallery  when I had a feeling that I experienced at least 2 days in one day with too many emotions for … Continue Reading →

Update about my journey in India and how I feel about solo traveling

After a month doing my internship in Artchill, I decided to quit and move forward. The internship didn’t allow me to travel and took all my time and energy. After … Continue Reading →

How my money became worthless overnight

Probably some of you might have read the news and are informed that India woke up at November 9 with a sudden fact that Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced demonetization of … Continue Reading →

Celebrating Diwali!

This is an amazing time in India, it’s Diwali time! People were preparing for the celebration and spent at least ten days to get ready. Jaipur became the city of … Continue Reading →

Indian wedding lunch party in Jaipur

Indian wedding mendhi lunch party. The bride sat for 5 hours while getting her mendhi art done! And they have been partying for 15 days already! It was fun to … Continue Reading →

Tip Nr 1 for women traveling in India – don’t think you’re a celebrity here!

Every time you’ll be walking around, especially in touristic places, many people will come and ask if they can take a picture with you. Most of them are going to … Continue Reading →

How we settled down in our apartment in Jaipur

We are three girls living together and we’ve got a flat on the ground floor. It’s pretty spacious with 3 bedrooms, kitchen, dining room and 2 bathrooms where one of … Continue Reading →

I got engaged right after I landed in Delhi

I whispered “I do” while still in the plane and approaching the gate in New Delhi airport. Yes, I got engaged. To whom? To my imaginery fiancee. Am I insane? … Continue Reading →