about-2My name’s Linda and my passion is traveling and exploring different cultures and I just love to be adventurous! I’ve been lucky to have a chance to travel a lot but now traveling is not enough anymore. I want to experience how it is to actually live in different countries. Originally from Riga, Latvia. My first move was to Brussels where I actively evolved my passion for photography. After Brussels I moved to Jaipur, India where I worked in Amber Fort, in contemporary art gallery called Artchill Gallery and did marketing for them. I truly believe that India came to me not the other way around and I’m grateful for that! Currently I’m living in Scotland in a small town Fort Augustus and admire Scotland’s nature. I’m continuing to develop myself in the marketing field.

Here I’m sharing my experience and emotions about living in different places and cultures as well as writing about other adventures and trips. Follow my travels and life’s journey!

Ambert Fort - this is where Artchill Gallery is located

Amber Fort, Jaipur


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