19 Things to Do, See, Eat and Enjoy in Miami

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Welcome To Miami!

Bienvenidos a Miami!

So you’re heading to Miami and wander what to do there. Look no further, here are your tips!

I’ve visited Miami 3 times and I’m sure I’ll keep returning because I love the city and have a reason to go back. This is the summary for all the places I love. Get yourself comfortable because I’ll take you throughout the fanciest places in Miami!

1. If you love to see skyscrapers, elegant people, have a walk around Brickell area. You’ll see a lot of perfectly dressed people in suits and the area has a lot of cool places to hang out. Mostly locals visit those places and it’s always good to avoid tourist masses.

2.  One of my favorite places in Brickell is Sugar. It’s a rooftop bar located in EAST Miami hotel on 40th floor. The place is really fancy and the experience starts right at the moment when you enter the elevator. You can get great cocktails and tasty tapas. The place has amazing view to Miami! 

Photo credit: www.passionpassport.com

On my way up to Sugar in EAST hotel’s elevator

3. Another great place is River Yacht Club. It’s perfect when the weather is nice and good for relaxing while you have your meal.

Photo Credit: Ocean Drive Magazine

4. Enjoy yourself and go for a walk in Ocean Drive! In spite that it’s a very touristy place and locals rarely go there, it’s very beautiful, the promenade is amazing. Be sure to arrange your walk early morning or sometime early evening. Later at night the place gets too wild!!! Too many people and you will just feel stuck in there.

The funniest thing about Ocean drive were people with speakers. It looked like a competition – who is having the biggest one! So you’ll see guys tossing around huge speaker, weighing several kilos and listening to the music. 

5. When you’re done with walking, just enjoy the beach!!! South Beach is great and you can work on your perfect tan! Or just watch the sunset. That’s what me and my bff did. We bought huge slices of pizza and had a picnic at the beach while watching the sunset and having our girls’ chat.


6. If after watching the sunset you don’t feel like going home or chilling at the beach is not enough, you can go to Broken Shaker. The place is located in Miami Beach and although Miami Beach is considered to be a touristic place, even locals love to come to this bar. This is a great bar to enjoy great cocktails (Mojito is amazing!). You can bring your relaxation to the next level and instead of sitting at the table, have your cocktail by the pool. Yes, it’s a bar with the pool! How cool is that?

7. Go to Miami Seaquarium and enjoy swimming with dolphins! It was a cute experience. 

8. You can’t miss Wynwood walls! All streets are full with art. There are also art galleries, no entrance fee and you can explore local artists and their work. This is definitely one of my favorite areas! Wynwood Diner is the place where you want to have your lunch. Great interior, good service and tasty food. 


9. Go to Cuban heart Little Havana and get even more color explosion! Cuban music all around the streets, colorful houses, art everywhere, men playing domino, others chilling and eating nuts or smoking Cuban cigars…. You’re in a totally different world. You will want to dance around the streets and do your salsa moves! If you love ice cream then have it in Azucar Ice Cream Company.


10. Want to experience Miami even more? Rent a convertible, put your favorite music on and feel the wind in your hair! For those who are a bit more pretentious, an evening drive in Ocean Drive is a must. Otherwise, avoid it! Basically it’s a huge traffic jam on one street just to show off or find a touristic restaurant.

Once you’ll be driving in the city or on a highway, you’ll love your life!!! 


11. Let’s say you have your convertible ready so you need more places where to drive and explore! Go to Coral Cables and admire the houses. You’ll see amazing and modern houses, you will definitely set a new house goals for yourself! Fun fact: all people in the neighborhood move around with their small golf cars. Everyone has them! 


12. Do you suffer from jet lag? Or just need more energy so you can explore and party more? The answer is Cuban coffee. And if you’re  a coffee lover as I am then you’ll appreciate it. Cuban coffee is what you need! But be sure not to overdose. The cup is even smaller than your regular espresso but way stronger! I think 2 cups per day is max. 

13. Another place I really love is The Setai hotel. I stayed there on my first visit to Miami and it has been my best hotel experience. The service was excellent, their pool is amazing, massage was so good I still cannot forget! I suggest to go for Sunday brunch and enjoy yourselves while you’re pampered and looked after. 


14. Find free yoga classes in Miami parks! And join them!

15. I already mentioned Mojitos in Broken Shaker but they are good almost everywhere! You will find a very authentic Cuban Food. Many say that Cuban food in Miami is even better than in Cuba!

16. Find the biggest Lobster you’ve ever had! Miami is fantastic for seafood lovers. This photo is from my first visit to Miami and here I lost my virginity for having a lobster for the first time. 

17. Another option for dinner is Zuma. A really fancy place with amazing sushi!!! That was more than just a dinner. The food was the highest quality you can imagine and the whole experience was so amazing that even after years have passed I still hold the memories from this evening.


18. Spend the afternoon in The River Oyster Bar. Another cool place for locals in Brickell area. Be sure to get there between 4:30 pm and 7:00 pm because it’s a happy hour and you get raw oysters with 50% off! That was a fantastic afternoon but I have to admit I had a cocktail with my oysters. Sometimes daydrinking and full plate of oysters is everything a happy person needs! Too much alcohol is bad for your health!!!!

19. The last but not the least – admire the palm trees and soak up the sun! Miami has that wonderful tropical vibe while it’s also a big city with everything you might need.


Have you been to Miami? What are your favorite places?

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